Pronunciations – “ski-a-vah” Schiava is a grape variety that most likely has an Italian/German origin, coming from the regions of Trentino and South Tyrol. Today it is mostly grown in Germany in a region called Wurttemberg. It makes dry wines with pale intensity and ruby color. There are a lot of synonyms such as Trollinger, Vernatsch, Black Hamburg.

Schiava Tasting Notes

Primary Notes – Floral (rose,violets), Red fruit (strawberry, raspberry) Secondary Notes – sometimes oak (smoke, cloves) Body – Light body Palate – Sweetness – Dry; Acidity – Medium to High; Tannin – Low; Typical ABV% – 10-12%

Schiava Styles

Schiava is mostly produced as an easy drinking wine, both as dry still red wine and as a dry still rose. Some producers use oak, but most of the time it is aged in old oak barrels as new oak may easily overpower the light aromas of Schiava. The roses are of pale intensity and pink color, typically unoaked.

Schiava Classifications

In Italy Schiava is grown mostly in the north of the country, really close to the Austrian border and the designated appellations are: -Alto Adige DOC/ Sudtirol DOC -Trentino DOC -Valdadige DOC/ Etschtaler DOC In Germany it is usually labeled as Qualitatswein coming from Wurttemberg and is usually made in a Trocken style.

When To Drink Schiava

You are safe to drink this wine with white meat such as chicken, turkey or even grilled fish. It pairs well with Asian food as well. Drink it lightly chilled as well as its light body and red fruit aromas will be more refreshing. Schiava Serving Temperature – 52-57 ºF (12-14 ºC)

Best Years To Drink Schiava

Schiava is not really a wine that will benefit from aging, it is a wine made to be drunk young. Keep it from one to three years but it won’t benefit from a longer aging period.

Schiava Average Prices

The price of these wines tends to vary a lot, depending on where it is grown and the producer. Although it is safe to say they do not command a high price. The price goes from 8$ to 20$ maximum.

Schiava Nutrition Facts

A glass of Schiava has about 100 calories per glass and about 2-4g of carbohydrates. Per bottle expect at around 600 calories and 12g of carbohydrates at least.

Fun Facts About Wine XYZ

Schiava is believed to be an Italian/German grape variety but the exact origin is still unknown. The first time it was mentioned in Alto Adige, it was the 16th century. Many sommeliers believe Schiava has a cotton candy aroma and flavor.
Schiava Food Pairing
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Schiava is a wine made from a range of lesser-known grape varietals from Italy’s far north, in the Trentino and Alto-Adige regions. It has some unique characteristics that make it distinct from most other red wines, including its sweet and … Read More