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Pairing Wine With Prime Rib
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Prime rib is a ribeye roast that is slow cooked and served medium rare to medium. The cut of meat is very tender, juicy, fatty and full of flavor. It can also be served with au jus sauce, creamy horseradish, … Read More

Pairing Wine With Surf & Turf
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Is there anything that feels more indulgent and decadent than surf and turf? Often reserved for special occasions, this sumptuous dish is a combination of steak and seafood; the seafood being anything from lobster, crab, shrimp or scallops. We all … Read More

Pairing Wine With Steak Tartare
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What is Steak Tartare? Steak tartare is a dish with a high quality ground (minced) steak (or sometimes horse in European countries) prepared raw. It will typically come with a raw egg served on the top of the beef, with … Read More

Pairing Wine With Ribeye Steaks
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Pairing wine with ribeye steaks, ribeye roasts (prime rib), tomahawk ribeyes, cowboy cut, dry aged and any other variations of the cut are all relatively the same. The juiciness, fattiness and strong flavor of the steaks pair fantastic with a … Read More

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