Please review this document before shipping any submissions to ensure you are following the proper process and sending the samples to the appropriate address. 

Vino Critic provides ratings, reviews, and advice for publication on our website and other 3rd party websites. For detailed information about our wine review process, please visit our page on Our System For Rating Wine.

If you are interested in submitting samples for review, please contact us at

Wine Review Programs

We guarantee that we will provide a detailed review, rating and description to all samples sent within an agreed upon time period.

Where Do I Ship Samples For Tasting & Review?

You can mail samples for review to the following address. We do recommend contacting us first, so we are expecting the shipment & can agree on the timeframe & expectations beforehand.

Vino Critic Inc.

5720 N 279th Circle

Valley, NE 68064

How Many Samples Do I Ship? Is There a Fee For Submitting Samples?

There is no fee for participation in our tasting and review program. We ask that submitters provide two bottles of each wine to be tasted; single bottles will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee individual follow-up if the sample provided is corked or otherwise compromised.

The wine must be the final product that consumers will be purchasing, with current vintage, approved labeling and packaging. 

Who Will Rate My Products & Samples?

The owners of Vino Critic (Chris & Holly) will personally review all samples sent. Often, we will also have friends & family review the samples as well to get multiple opinions & reactions.

***While reviews will sometimes be sponsored, that will in no way impact our ratings, reviews or recommendations. It is important to us to provide accurate and truthful reviews with a high level of integrity. Our #1 goal is to help others find great values for every budget for wine and winery experiences.

Where Will The Reviews Of My Wines Appear?

If a company goes to the trouble of sending us a product to review, we feel it is our duty to post all of our review information on our website for our visitors & followers to read.

We guarantee that all product reviews will be promoted on our website and social media channels. We also link to the company where to purchase so our website visitors & followers can easily find more information and purchase anything they are interested in.

We may also include the reviewed products within buying guides, our best value articles or other pieces of content, in addition to the review page.

Be sure to look for our Best Value award at your local grocery stores and online on websites!

Our newest reviews will also be featured and promoted on the home page of

Experience Review Programs

Wineries, tasting rooms, breweries, distilleries, retail stores and other businesses that provide unique experiences are welcome to contact us to review their experience. Due to travel and time constraints, we may not be able to review your business. But we will always make an attempt to do so if we are traveling to that region.

Sometimes we will reach out to local businesses before we make travel arrangements to review experiences. When doing so, we will make an agreed upon time frame when the review will be published and distributed to our followers.

Beer & Spirit Review Programs

While the focus of this website is wine, we do occasionally review beer and spirits. Most often we review whiskey, gin & beer but we will review other spirits as well. Please contact us before sending samples over so we can discuss the details of the the review ahead of time. This helps us meet your expectations and prevents anyone from being disappointed.

Other Product Review Programs

We will sometimes review other products like decanters, wine storage, glasses and other related products for enjoying wine, spirits and beer. Please contact us at before sending any products for review.