About Vino Critic

Vino Critic was started in 2020 to help everyday people learn about wine and find great values with wine. With so many different options for wine, it can be very intimidating, frustrating and/or expensive for people to enjoy wine as much as they could. We earn income by selling ads on the web pages along with affiliate advertising. We pride ourselves on working with integrity and honesty while helping others enjoy wine like we do. Our family-owned business continues to grow, and we are currently looking for more wine enthusiasts to join our team.

Current Openings

Freelance Wine Copywriter

Freelance WordPress Web Designer

If you are interested in joining our team, but do not see an opening that fits your skill sets, feel free to throw your hat in the ring and email us your resume and how you think you could bring value to our team at info@vinocritic.com.

Our Culture

WWe are passionate about what we do and work hard to grow the business. Our work environment is relaxed, fun and requires a great work life balance. We are a results driven team, that is more concerned with the end result over just clocking in and out each day. We try to grow our team with individuals with these same values that we have.

Our Core Values

Integrity – we do what is right, even when no one is watching. Our word and reputation are the most valuable things we have.

Work Life Balance – we work hard but also realize that we need to balance working with enjoying life with family and friends. What good is wine if you don’t make time to enjoy the small moments in life with others?

Relationships – our business partners, employees, website visitors, friends and family are what make Vino Critic possible.

Resourceful – being a small company poses many challenges, and creatively solving those problems is often necessary and in our DNA. 

Open-Minded – we try not to have preconceived opinions about things we haven’t experienced before. This is very important when giving accurate ratings and reviews to new things.

Benefits of Working For Vino Critic

  • Work from home, no commute or dress code!
  • Paid time off & paid holidays for full time employees.
  • Have a career that involved discussing wine with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Flexible hours – get the work done with whatever schedule works best for you.
  • Join a rapidly growing small business.
  • Did we mention you get to work with wine!?!?!?!