Learning About Wine For Beginners

Learning about wine is a journey with no end. It is impossible to learn about with experiencing the wine for yourself. Honestly, it is one of the best aspects of drinking wine, is learning about the different nuances, tasting notes, pairings, regions and everything else that can impact the experience you get when enjoying wine.

We’ve created some basic articles to help beginners learn about wine below. We will be constantly adding more information to help enthusiasts learn and understand different aspects.

Learning About Wine For Enthusiasts

Once someone really starts to enjoy wine and their curiosity grows, there are more advanced courses you can take. We also recommend starting to keep track of your preferences over time. We like the Phone App called Vivino. You can easily take pictures of your wine, and it allows you to rate the wine on a scale of 1-5 stars and also put notes down on why you liked or didn’t like the wine.

Note: Your tastes WILL change over time. So it is important to remember that as you get more experienced drinking and experiencing wine.

Learning About Wine For Advanced Enthusiasts

Once you feel comfortable learning about wine and are motivated to take it to the next level, there are several advanced training courses you can take. We recommend taking the WSET courses, as those are the most well known and informative in our opinion. Usually once you are done with the advanced courses (WSET level 3 in this example), you can be considered to be a wine sommelier.