Vino Critic is looking to hire an unpaid copy editor intern which will change to a paid permanent role upon successful completion. The person will be tasked with reviewing and editing our articles to improve the user experience and SEO optimization of the articles. The intern needs to have a very solid understanding of wine and have a strong attention to detail. The internship will last 1-3 months and upon successful completion Vino Critic would like to hire this person in a permanent paid role.

The intern will be in charge of reviewing text, images, and formatting of all of our current articles and improving those articles for a better user experience and to better optimize the articles to increase SEO rankings and traffic. We will train the intern on article best practices and all areas of SEO.

This is an independent contractor work-from-home position with flexible hours. The internship length will depend on how long it takes to review and optimize all current articles and how fast we can improve our organic traffic.

Main Job Requirements

    1. Review current articles text for accuracy and missing information.
    2. Review formatting and images for each article.
    3. Meet all deadlines given for assigned topics.
    4. SEO optimize every article including keyword research, internal linking & alt text.
    5. Delete or edit articles not up to standard.
    6. Research opportunities for new articles.

            Required Skills

            Sommelier-level wine knowledge

            Fluent in English

            Excellent verbal & written communication skills

            Familiarity with office software

            Strong online researching skills

            Self-starter in an unsupervised environment

            Additional Beneficial Skills

            Prior writing experience is helpful but not required

            SEO – can be trained

            Compensation and Expectations

            Hours – This is a part-time position with flexible work from home hours.

            Salary – Unpaid internship followed by a permanent paid role.

            Requirements – Must have reliable internet connection and computer.

            To apply, email resumes to info [at]

            About Vino Critic

            Vino Critic was started in 2020 to help everyday people learn about wine and find great values with wine. With so many different options for wine, it can be very intimidating, frustrating and/or expensive for people to enjoy wine as much as they could. We earn income by selling ads on the web pages along with affiliate advertising. We pride ourselves on working with integrity and honesty while helping others enjoy wine like we do. Our family-owned business continues to grow, and we are currently looking for more wine enthusiasts to join our team.