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Brazil is the largest country in South America and the most populated one. It is one of the most multicultural and diverse nations in the world due to mass immigration that lasted for more than a century. It is a country with lots of different weather conditions but most of the country is tropical. With a lot of microclimates it has a lot of different ingredients in its cuisine and it produces wine as well.

Traditional Brazilian Food Ingredients

Brazilian cuisine is a mix of native and immigrant influence, although this varies a lot from region to region. Native people used ingredients such as cassava, acai, cashews, manioc, yams while immigrants brought wine, leafy vegetables and dairy products. There is a wide variety of dishes since Brazilian cuisine was influenced by European, African, Chinese, Lebanese and even Japanese cuisines.

Common Wines From Brazil

Brazil is a country with lots of different climates, soils and topography which allows for production of many different styles of wine. The grape varieties grown are numerous and the wines are distinguished by elegant fruity aromas and a medium alcohol level. Styles of wine produced are varied and you can find red, white, dry to medium sweet wines, even sparkling wines. Merlot – Merlot is the most popular grape variety for red wines in Brazil as it is capable of adapting to many different climates and conditions. It produces fleshy, plummy wines and in Brazil it is quite fruit forward. Tannat  – Tannat is probably the grape variety Brazil is most known for and it produces full bodied red wines. Most of the wines are produced in the south of the country and same goes for Tannat. Traditional Method Sparkling Wine – Produced with methode champenoise, these wines are made from Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Moscato Embrapa, Niagara and many more. These wines have more of an aromatic profile compared to Old World traditional method sparkling wines.

Best Red Wine With Brazilian Food

Brazil is one of the biggest exporters of meat and the Brazilian people consume a lot of meat as well. There are numerous famous meat dishes hailing from Brazil and they pair perfectly with red wine. Brazilian people love cooking beef and pork, and the many delicacies from Brazil tend to be paired best with medium to full bodied red wines with firm tannins and a refreshing acidity. We would recommend having red wines from Brazil as what grows together, goes together. Merlot from Brazil – Merlot is more of a medium bodied wine and it pairs well with Leitao a Pururuca, traditional pork dish from Brazil Tannat from Brazil – Classic Picanha is a cut from the rump of cow and it pairs perfectly with Tannat Carmenere from Chile – Feijoada is a traditional dish from Brazil, made from pork served with rice, cassava flour and green leaves. Cabernet Sauvignon from France – a classic Bordeaux blend based on Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with Lagarto stuffed with bacon or sausage.

Best White Wine With Brazilian Food

Brazilian cuisine isn’t all about meat. Being a large country there is lots of diversity in recipes and ingredients. You will be able to find lots of seafood dishes from the coastal regions of Brazil. These dishes pair extremely well with white wines and there are a lot of white wines produced in Brazil as well. Anything from light bodied white wines to full bodied white wines can be paired with Brazilian dishes. Medium to high acidity is more than welcome and with a good flavor intensity it will make your dining experience a sophisticated flavor bomb. Pinot Grigio from Brazil – a lighter wine with a good acidity level will pair well with Ostra ao bafo, a classic oyster dish. Sauvignon Blanc from Chile – Moqueca is a seafood stew with fish and shrimps. Cooked with lots of herbs, vegetables, green bell pepper and coriander. Chardonnay from Brazil – Casquinhas de siri are traditional creamy crab cakes which pair well with creamy, oaked Chardonnay. Muscadet Sèvre et Maine from France – This wine is a classic pairing with any seafood dish.

Pairing Wine With Traditional Brazilian Recipes

Ostra Ao Bafo Wine Pairing

A traditional oyster dish from Brazil, this dish will pair well with lighter, refreshing wines. Pinot Grigio from Brazil will work well or if you would like to go for an Old World wine, go for a Muscadet Sevre et Maine.

Moqueca Wine Pairing

Seafood stew made from fish and shrimps. Moqueca is made with vegetables, green bell pepper and seasoned with lots of herbs including coriander. It pairs great with a more vegetal and green wine, like a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

Casquinhas de Siri Wine Pairing

Casquinhas de Siri are a traditional creamy crab cake served on a shell. They pair extremely well with buttery, creamy, oak aged Chardonnays. You can have a Brazilian Chardonnay or if you prefer, go for a Burgundy white.

Leitao a Pururuca Wine Pairing

Slow cooked pork rind with a crunchy texture, it has an amazing consistency. It will pair nicely with a Brazilian Merlot which is more softer with a plummy, plushy texture.

Picanha Wine Pairing

Picanha is one of the most famous Brazilian dishes and one of the most used cuts of meat when it comes to barbecues. It is grilled with the fat cap on and what better choice for a pairing than a high tannin, high acidity Tannat from Brazil.

Feijoada Wine Pairing

A pork dish served with rice, Feijoada is one of better known Brazilian specialties. Cooked with green leaves, cassava flour and finished with coriander, it will pair well with a Chilean Carmenere which has lots of green, stalky aromas.

Lagarto Wine Pairing

Lagarto is considered to be one of the leanest beef cuts. It is quite rich and it needs a long cooking time. This dish will pair well with any Bordeaux red blend.

Pairing Wine With Brazilian Desserts

One of the most famous Brazilian desserts is Brigadeiro, made from butter, cocoa powder and condensed milk. This famous chocolate dessert is paired well with a tawny port or a sweet Maury red.

Pairing Wine With Brazilian Steakhouse Buffets

One of the most famous parts of Brazilian cuisine is a Churrasco style steakhouse buffet. This is where several different types of meats will be cooked the gaucho way (cooked on rotisserie over open wood-fired flames. The meats are heavily seasoned, tender, and very moist for melt-in-your-mouth flavors. To pair a great wine with this meal, which will have several different types of meat, pick a bold full-bodied red wine. This should enhance the flavors in the dish and in the wine. Some of our favorites are cabernet sauvignon, syrah and a nice GSM blend.
Pairing Wine With Picanha
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Pairing wine with Picanha, a delicious Brazilian cut of beef, is a culinary adventure that can take your dining experience to new heights. Picanha, known for its succulent tenderness and rich flavor, is a popular choice for meat lovers seeking … Read More