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Pronunciations – “Bow-bal” Bobal is a grape variety of Spanish origin, planted mostly in the country’s eastern regions, really close to the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It’s mostly produced as a still dry red wine and still dry rose wine. What is interesting as well is that it is Spain’s second most planted grape variety. The wines tend to be ruby red with a medium to deep intensity. Some synonyms are: Requena, Bobos, Valenciana.

Bobal Tasting Notes

Primary Notes – Black fruit (Blackberry, Black Cherry, Black Plum), Licorice, Pomegranate Secondary Notes – Oak (Smoke, Vanilla, Cloves) Tertiary Notes – with age the wines develop chocolate, tobacco, earth, leather. Body – Medium Palate- Sweetness – Dry; Acidity – Medium to High; Tannin – Medium; Typical ABV% – 11.5-13.5%

Bobal Styles

Most of the time Bobal is vinified as still dry red wine and still dry rose.Red wine made from Bobal will mostly be oak aged, to ensure a rounder texture with complexity from oak added to its aromas. Rose wines are generally unoaked, made and aged in inert vessels.

Bobal Classifications

Since Bobal is grown in Spain, most of the classifications that allow Bobal are in Spain. Grown mostly in the east of the country near Valencia, here we have the most known of the DOs for Bobal: Utiel-Requena DO is the home of Bobal where it accounts for 80% of production. It is grown around this DO and as well in small quantities in France and Sardinia.

When To Drink Bobal

Bobal is a medium bodied wine with a great acidity, it pairs well with lighter meats and with barbequed meat. Pair it with Paella when you are having a Spanish night. It goes well with roasted rabbit or grilled steak. Bobal Serving Temperature – 60-64ºF (15-18 ºC)

Best Years To Drink Bobal

Bobal has a good aging potential due to its acidity and firm structure. With age these wines tend to improve and develop more complex aromas of coffee, leather, meat, tobacco. The best time to drink would be 7 to 10 years.

Bobal Average Prices

Relatively unknown, Bobal has a very low price compared to the quality this wine can give. Don’t be surprised if you find bottles for as low as 8$ and they can go up to 20$ most of the time. You can find some more expensive bottles but these are not found often.

Bobal Nutrition Facts

Bobal has more or less the same nutritional  value as other medium bodied red wines. It has about 120 calories per glass and about 4g of carbohydrates. A bottle would have around 700 calories and 24g of carbohydrates. Although it is very rich in antioxidants.

Fun Facts About Bobal

Bobal’s name came from the latin word “Bovale” which means bulls head. It is the second most planted red grape variety after Tempranillo. Third most planted if we take into account the white grape variety Airen.
Bobal Food Pairing
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Bobal has long been the second most popular red grape variety in Spain. However, it remains a dark horse in the international wine scene. It is native to Valencia, a region in South-East Spain that’s known for extremely high temperatures … Read More