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Pairing Wine With Brownies

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Brownies are one of our favorite dessert dishes to exist. Who doesn’t love some type of chocolate, right ?! And along with every other dessert to exist, there is yet another aphrodisiac companion to go with it in a glass of wine!


Pairing Wine With Brownies

Wine Characteristics To Pair With Brownies

Characteristic Detail
Sweetness Sweet to Medium
Acidity Low to High
Tannins Medium-Low to High
Body Medium to Bold
Tasting Notes Red fruit, black fruit, oak, earthy

With this type of dessert originated from chocolate, we recommend making sure you consider the right wine based on the type of brownie you will be eating, to ensure that the dessert experience remains delicious, rather than too much to handle. Think of the same set of rules you would follow with chocolate and wine. Variety is key, because as no two wines are the same, the concept is the same regarding brownies. 

Best Red Wine To Drink With Brownies

Red Wine is easily the easiest, and somehow trickiest, of wines to pair with brownies, and also the most creative. As is the case when pairing wine with pieces of chocolate, we recommend keeping the flavor profile very specific depending on the chocolate type. The wrong combination can create an unpleasant experience, while the right combination can feel like a dessert you have only had in your dreams!

Ruby Ports

There is an old cliche in the world of wine that ports are only drunk but the elderly. We may be biased, but port is far from just a throwaway wine, and this is especially true when needing the perfect wine to pair with a dessert. Its rich texture and body that its obtained from aging, along with its incredible sweetness that is still very apparent and yet not too daunting on your taste buds, is what makes Port such an incredibly tasty companion to a brownie. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, you name it!

Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

For the longest time, you would’ve been far-fetched to find anyone who would recommend wine and chocolate. But with the emergence of the New World’s cornerstone of wine, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, came the creativity of new ideas such as this as well. The incredibly strong tannic mouthfeel and bursting acidity made chocolate & wine a reality, in particular Dark chocolate, thus making a good brownie available with this partnership as well!


Think of Merlot as the little brother of Cabernet Sauvignon, that is significantly nicer yet just as fun. This makes it another great choice for a brownie, because of its higher acidity and still strong black fruit notes, that can be almost a better companion to the brownie for some, especially those who enjoy every type BUT dark chocolate brownies!

Best White Wine To Drink With Brownies

Sauternes (French Style)

While red wine is always going to be your best bet for a rich dessert such as brownies, there will always be a white wine that, if authentically French, would be the perfect companion: Sauternes. It’s the signature dessert wine of Bordeaux and has immense popularity thanks to its refreshing-yet-sweet tasting notes, while still achieving a high body on the palate. This makes it the perfect wine to help cut down the dessert wine taste, while also amplifying the sweet notes on your tongue.

Best Wine To Drink With Brownies

Brownies might be a top 5 dessert for most, and can never  be dismissed as something you can enjoy a glass of wine with at the end of your nights. While red wines are naturally the go-to for a chocolate-driven dessert, don’t ever forget to keep an open mind, as it goes with most things wine related!!

  • Port
  • Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Napa Merlot
  • Sauternes (French)