Pairing Wine With Chocolate Chip Cookies

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A chocolate chip cookie is one of the easiest and most common dessert treats to have for ourselves. And like any other food in this world, why not enhance it with its natural partner: A good wine! Wine with desserts can be tricky, but when it comes to the simple chocolate chip cookie, you want to be able to pair it with a dry and bold wine, that really allows the sweetness of the cookie & chocolate to be the center of your palate experience. 

Wine Characteristics To Pair With Chocolate Chip Cookies

Characteristic Detail  
Sweetness Dry  
Acidity Medium-High  
Tannins High  
Body Full Bodied Red  
Tasting Notes Red fruit, black fruit, oak flavours  

A full-bodied red wine works as a delicious companion, because the flavours imparted from red/black fruit and oak only enhance the sweet and chocolatey taste of the cookie, making it seem as though your simple dessert treat has turned into an entire dessert experience!

Best Red Wine To Drink With Chocolate Chip Cookies

Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

The crown jewel of the new world wines, a beautifully bold Cabernet brings the exact type of flavour profile that a good chocolate chip cookie needs to be complemented with. Its rich flavours and smooth acidity will round out that cookie in more ways than you would’ve ever thought a dessert could have.


For a less tannin-heavy option, a lucious Merlot made in its classic Red Fruit centric style is exactly the kind of treat one would love with their cookies. Think of French style, and Napa as well, as long as it comes from the right producers! An especially delicious option for Dark Chocolate chips.


The incredible grape of Malbec, with its Argentinian flare & spice, mixed with its powerful black fruit flavours make this a perfect wine to have with your chocolate chip cookies. A harsh wine for the common tastebuds, nothing would make a Malbec wine easier to drink for some than a sweet and slightly salty chocolate chip cookie to cut down those heavy tannins.

Best White Wine To Drink With Chocolate Chip Cookies

Generally, white wines can play more of a second fiddle to a chocolate chip cookie, imparting the wrong type of flavour profile onto something already so sweet and rich. That is not to say, however, that white wine is just impossible to pair with them! Start out with a good Rhone-style rose, and work into a white wine that has the essential flavour profile to really stand out with the cookie. Something like a Sancerre, or perhaps just a simple Champagne. 

A lot of white wine pairings, and also fortified wines even, really depend on your palates’ inclination for sweet flavours. For someone who would take sweets 3 times a day and on Sundays, a lush Moscato is a great option. But for some, that may be an entire overload of sweetness! 

Best Wine To Drink With Chocolate Chip Cookies

Generally, the common palate wants the chocolate chip cookie taste to be enhanced, not overshadowed. A lot of it can depend on the type of chocolate being used within the cookie, but that does not limit it as much as one would think. These wines will help you achieve that equilibrium and turn your normal and classic treat into a new weekly must-have! 

  • Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Malbec
  • Port
  • Champagne