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Pairing Wine With Paella

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Paella is a rice dish originating from Valencia, Spain. The traditional way to cook the dish is on a Paellera. The recipe may vary, but the most common ways to prepare the dish are the traditional Valencian paella, seafood paella and mixed paella. Valencian paella consists of rice with meat (chicken, rabbit or duck), beans, artichoke, tomatoes, sweet paprika, saffron and garlic as optional. Seafood paella has seafood instead of meat, whereas mixed paella is a combination of seafood and meat. 

Our goto wine to drink with paella is a Spanish Rioja Tempranillo. This wine typically has high acidity. It also has high tannins which give it the complexity needed to pair with the strong & complex flavors of this dish. Plus, it’s always a bonus to pair a wine and food from the same region.

Wine Characteristics To Pair With Paella

Characteristic Detail
Sweetness Dry
Acidity High
Tannins Medium to High
Body Medium to Full Bodied
Tasting Notes Fruit Forward

Best Red Wine To Drink With Paella

If Paella is prepared with a meal (chicken, rabbit, etc.) then a dry red wine would be suitable for. Depending on the sauce used, the wine might differ, but the dining experience will be unique and pleasant. Try to choose a fruit forward wine with high acidity. If you do not like Rioja than you can try one of the 3 red wines listed below.

Pinot Noir

Always an excellent choice, this is a delicious wine suitable for any occasion. For the spicier ones would be recommended wines with lower tannins.


This wine will provide a delicate aroma of fruits, light vanilla and well-balanced tannins as a perfect combination to the course.


A perfect combination of dry wine with grilled meat dish.

Best White Wine To Drink With Paella

For the seafood and mixed paellas, we would suggest dry white and rose wines. The fine and sophisticated bouquet of white wines and lovely acidity will provide a long and dedicated aftertaste. Rosé wines come with a delicate fruity taste and a refined aroma, which would be better for mixed paellas.


This wine shows itself greatly in a pair with paella, as its fresh aroma and fruity nuances gives a special elegance. The full body of Chardonnay also holds up well with the strong flavors of Paella.

Sauvignon Blanc 

One of our favorites, Sauvignon Blanc is fantastic with a seafood paella. Its lively aroma of fruits and freshness highlights the quality of the long aftertaste. However, the high acidity in this wine may make a spicy Paella seem even spicier. So unless you like your dish with some heat, we do not recommend pairing with spicy Paella.


This is a great default wine when you aren’t sure what to drink with your meal. It goes well with spicy paella (especially sweeter Rieslings), and it is fresh and its subtle aroma is a great combination for a seafood paella.

Best Wine To Drink With Paella

Below is a list of wines we’ve chosen in a pair with paella. All of them are dry wines, which suit perfectly with the Spanish food, and provide a good combination to the meal. These wines have a balanced fruit aromas and acidity, and a must-take due to its complexity and freshness.

  • Rioja Tempranillo
  • Pinot Noir
  • Merlot
  • Malbec
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Riesling

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