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Pairing Wine With Quail

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Quail is one of the most delicate members of the poultry family. Being a mostly gamey-type of meat, the sauces and seasonings on the dish are usually its focal point. Most establishments or at home recipes will call for such a flavorful preparation, that any wine pairing be carefully catered around it. We recommend the wine not be too powerful, and not too bold on the palate, to allow the interesting flavors of the quail still flourish. Its acidity should be high enough to cut through the wave of taste that the sauces of most quail dishes put forth.

Wine Characteristics To Pair With Quail

Characteristic Detail  
Sweetness Dry  
Acidity High  
Tannins Low to Medium  
Body Light Reds or Whites  
Tasting Notes Citrus, green fruit, red fruit  

Best Red Wine To Drink With Quail

When pairing quail with a red wine, we recommend that you follow the course of keeping it light and playful. Something like an Oregon Pinot Noir or a Beaujolais, both being very fruitful reds that would add its sharp acidity to any quail dish prepared in front of you, while not bringing any harsh tannins to overpower.

Best White Wine To Drink With Quail

Many different white wines offer the essential characteristics to really let a quail dish shine on your palate, as is the case with all poultry & white wine! Naturally, the absence of tannins and higher alcohol percentage make white wine the light & crisp partner that is needed for the unique flavor of a quail.

Unoaked Chardonnay

History books tell us that most quail dishes originated within French cuisine, which naturally makes its chardonnay a perfect choice for a pairing. When unoaked, and grown in a cooler climate, chardonnay carries its heavy body from its fruitful grapes into a very acidic wine that ends up being the perfect type of pairing that gives you the necessary flavor for a successful pairing, while not overtaking the quail.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

The climate of New Zealand lends a variety of Sauvignon Blanc that is perfect for most quail dishes that are led by exotic seasoning. From rosemary and pepper seasoning, to southern style cooking, quail is such a delicate bird that allows for so much variety. Nothing can bring this home more than a wine that can match these types of seasonings and their variety.

Best Wine To Drink With Quail

The gamey & light heartiness of quail meat is unique in its ability to be tender like dark meat, while also being a very delicate taste on the palate. Wine pairing is recommended to be tailored to the preparation of quail and its distinctive characteristics too.   Red wines want to stay lighter bodied and full of flavorful that enhances, and caters. White wine is the wider array of choices with their piercing acidity and naturally softer taste.

  • Cool climate Pinot Noir (Oregon)
  • Beaujolais
  • Unoaked Chardonnay
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc