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Pairing Wine With Tofu

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Contrary to popular belief, tofu isn’t just for vegans. This nutrient-dense food originated in China, and is made from condensed soy milk that undergoes a process similar to that of cheese, pressing the soy into solid blocks that vary in firmness. Tofu is an excellent source of protein, it contains essential amino acids, and is well-known for its ability to lower cholesterol. 

It’s most commonly associated with Asian cuisine, but has been introduced into other cuisines as the vegan and vegetarian population has grown. Today tofu is a common substitute for many proteins in a variety of dishes. Its neutral flavor makes it a versatile ingredient that can be added to almost any dish. With that in mind, when it comes to pairing wine, you want to take the other ingredients into consideration, especially if there’s a sauce involved.

Best Red Wine With Tofu

It depends on the preparation, but you will generally want to stay away from bold tannins when choosing a red. Light to medium bodied reds are good, safe choices.

  • Pinot Noir: Light bodied with good aromatics; pairs well with most foods.
  • Beaujolais: Fruity and earthy with low tannins and good acidity.
  • Barbera: High acidity with cherry, licorice and black pepper notes.
  • Dolcetto: Medium-bodied with plum, blackberry and cocoa notes.

Best White Wine With Tofu

White wines are always a good choice with tofu, especially if your tofu is featured in a spicy Asian dish. Choose something light with good acidity. 

  • Riesling: Food-friendly; Light, crisp, and highly acidic. 
  • Gewürztraminer: A bouquet of exotic fruits, spices, and floral aromatics. 
  • Sauvignon Blanc: highly acidic, notes of pear and apple, and grass. 
  • Pinot Gris: complex, with notes of apricot, and a well-balanced finish. 

Pairing Wine With Various Tofu Dishes

Wine With Mapo Tofu

This spicy Chinese dish is very popular and brings the spice. A crisp white like Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect match. 

Wine With Stinky Tofu

True to its name, stinky tofu has a strong odor as it is usually served with fermented vegetables and meat. A fragrant white wine, like Gewürztraminer or Viognier, is an excellent choice.

Wine With Szechuan Tofu

Szechuan is known for its heat, so a white with strong acidity, like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris will bring balance to the spice. 

Wine With Tofu & Broccoli

The brown sauce commonly used in this dish is flavorful and would be elevated by a Pinot Noir or Beaujolais. 

Wine With Saag Tofu

A German Riesling is a great all-around choice when it comes to Indian food pairings, and Saag Tofu is no exception. You could also choose a Pinot Gris. 

Wine With Tofu Skin Noodles

You will want to consider the other ingredients in your tofu skin dish. If there’s spice, choose an acidic white, like Pinot Gris. If there are rich, bold flavors, try a slightly chilled Pinot Noir. 

Wine With Fried Tofu

As with all things fried, a highly acidic white is best to cut through the fat. Try a Sauvignon Blanc or even Champagne.

Wine With Silken Tofu

Silken tofu is often used in creamy sauces, desserts, and scrambles, so a white wine will generally be your best option. Try a Riesling, or if you’re having a dessert, a Sauternes.  

Wine With Baked Tofu

A fruity red can really complement the spices often used to flavor a baked tofu. Try Barbera or Grenache. 

Wine With Tofu Curry

This is another dish where you will need to consider the spice level, as not all curry is created equally. A great all-around choice for wine pairing is Riesling. 

Wine With Sesame Tofu

This dish will be well-paired with a Pinot Noir or Beaujolais to balance the sweetness of the sauce.