Pairing Wine With Gorgonzola

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Gorgonzola cheese hails from northern Italy, in the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. Often referred to as a blue cheese due to its distinctive blue-green marbling, Gorgonzola is typically soft and crumbly in texture, and depending on its age, has a taste profile varying anywhere from buttery and creamy when young, to sharp and salty when aged. 

You may be surprised to learn that Gorgonzola actually pairs well with a wide variety of wines. Dry, full-bodied reds are able to stand up to the bold flavor of the cheese, while sweet whites are a lovely complement to the salty notes of the cheese.

Wine Characteristics To Pair With Gorgonzola

Characteristic Red White
Sweetness Dry  Dry to Sweet
Acidity Low – Medium Soft to Acidic
Tannins Medium to High Low
Body Medium to Full Medium to Full
Tasting Notes Dark fruit, tobacco, spice Citrus, pear, apple, peach

The wines characteristics listed above seem to cover a wide variety of wines. This is because with a cheese like Gorgonzola, you can choose to either match the intensity or complement it. A red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon, will match the intensity of the cheese. A sweet wine like Sauternes or Port, will complement the sharp, salty Gorgonzola and offer balance.

Best Red Wine to Drink with Gorgonzola

There are not a lot of great red wine choices when it comes to pairings with Gorgonzola, but there are a few that are sure to enhance your dining experience, whether it is a cheese plate or a Gorgonzola pasta dish. Pairings can be a bit tricky, but the key is to remember that this cheese is bold and complex in flavor, so you want a wine that can hold its own. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet has a body for days and its commanding tannins add to the complexity. The notes of black cherry and blackberry, combined with tobacco, green pepper, and vanilla, give this wine plenty of rich flavor and depth, making it an ideal choice for a dish like steak with Gorgonzola sauce.


Malbec is a great option when you want to match intensity. Its taste and aromatics are lush with dark fruit and there are secondary notes of leather and tobacco. This bold, complex wine takes Gorgonzola pasta dishes to new heights. 


Gorgonzola and Syrah are another great pairing. Juicier than the aforementioned wines, Syrah delivers tastes of dark berries, plums, and cherries, with notes of chocolate, smoke, and pepper. Try it with a delicious Gorgonzola burger.


This medium-bodied red is a great choice if you want red, but do not want the boldness of the previous recommendations. Dolcetto is softer, fruit-forward, and earthy with some spicy undertones, but still offers enough complexity to pair with lighter Gorgonzola dishes.

Best White Wine To Drink With Gorgonzola

If you prefer your wine to harmonize with your food, white wines should be your go to when pairing with Gorgonzola. The key is to ensure the white wine you are choosing has enough body and complexity to not be overpowered by the cheese. The suggestions below fit this bill and bring lots of complementary flavors.   


Surprising as it may be, this sweet dessert wine is an ideal pairing for Gorgonzola. It is overflowing with peach, apricot, butterscotch and caramel flavor making it the perfect counterpart to the salty cheese on its own, or with crackers.


Port is a fortified wine that brings bold berries, rich caramel, and dark chocolate together in one deliciously sweet wine. Like Sauternes, port, especially the tawny variety, makes a perfect sweet and salty combo with Gorgonzola. Add fig jam and a crostini to take this pairing to new heights.


The citrus notes of Chardonnay bring a different type of balance to Gorgonzola. The crisp flavors lemon and meringue are a sharp contrast to the pungent flavor of the cheese.


Moscato is a bouquet of fruit and floral aromas. The lush fruit flavors along with the bright acidity make Moscato a great pairing with Gorgonzola, particularly rich Gorgonzola-based sauces and pasta dishes.

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is a medium-bodied wine bursting with acidity. Its taste profile boasts pear, yellow apple, and honey, making it an ideal pairing for a fresh salad topped with Gorgonzola cheese.

Gorgonzola & Wine Pairing Tips

Gorgonzola pairs well with so many foods. It complements rich, meaty steaks and burgers, adds depth of flavor to salads and pastas, and brings a sharp intensity to meat and cheese trays. 

If you are putting together a charcuterie board, the right accompaniments can really make Gorgonzola a stand-out. Figs or fig jam, with its sweet, honeyed flavor, are excellent with Gorgonzola cheese and thin-sliced baguette. Dried apricots, raisins, and almonds also bring a nice balance to the cheese. For meat, Prosciutto and Capicola make excellent additions, along with whole wheat or flatbread crackers.

Best Wine To Drink With Gorgonzola

To recap, the best wines to drink with Gorgonzola are either going to match its intensity or offer a complementary balance. If you prefer bold with bold, choose a full-bodied red with lots of complexity. If you prefer harmonizing flavor, pick up a sweet white. 26

  • Malbec
  • Sauternes
  • Tawny Port
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay