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Pairing Wine With Gyros

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Gyros, pronounced yee-rohs, is one of the most popular street foods in the world. Its minimal, easy to prepare ingredients make it easy to serve and easy to eat on the go. The star of the sandwich is, of course, the gyro meat, traditionally a combination of ground beef and lamb, but chicken or pork are also used. The meat is then compressed onto a vertical spit for roasting, shaved off in thin slices, grilled, and piled on warm, fluffy pita bread. It is then topped with tomato, lettuce, and onion, and a healthy dollop of tzatziki, a Greek yogurt-based sauce of dill, cucumber, and vinegar. The combination of the savory, spiced meat, the crunch of lettuce and onion, and the cool acidity of the tomato and tzatziki make it a delicious culinary treat.

Most people may not think of pairing wine with street food, but we believe wine can go with anything; it’s simply a matter of finding the right wine. The Greek have been making wine for centuries so it would stand to reason that Greek wine would pair with Greek food. Unfortunately, Greek wine is not always accessible to everyone so our wine recommendations include both Greek wines and wine you can find at your local grocer.

Pairing Wine With Gyros

Wine Characteristics to Pair With Gyros

Characteristic Detail
Acidity Medium – High
Tannins Medium – High
Fruitiness Medium – High
Spiciness Medium 
Body Light – Medium

Best White Wine to Pair With Gyros

Sauvignon Blanc

This highly acidic, medium-bodied wine is a great option if you are a fan of tzatziki sauce. The bright citrus and herbaceous notes of the wine will complement the sauce and highlight the herbs in the lamb meat.


A full-bodied, dry Rosé with plenty of acidity creates a harmonious balance with the bold flavors of a gyro. 


An off-dry Riesling offers a bright acidity that will cut through the rich flavors in the gyro, but also has a bit of sweetness that makes a lovely match with tzatziki. 

Best Red Wine to Pair With Gyros


Pronounced, AYE-yor-YEE-tee-ko, is a great option for a true Greek experience. Oak aged with moderate acidity, this velvety, dark fruit-flavored wine has enough tannin and acidity to balance all the flavors of the gyro.


This bold red wine with dark berry notes and a spicy, peppery finish makes it a great match for the bold flavors of gyro. 

Pinot Noir

We recommend Pinot Noir if you are having chicken gyros. This light-bodied red has enough structure to balance the other flavors of the gyro but is light enough that it will not overpower the chicken. 

Cabernet Franc

This Cabernet is a medium-bodied red with the acidity of Pinot Noir and structure of its relative, Cabernet Sauvignon. It does well when paired with dishes full of herbs and roasted meat, like gyros. 

Best Wine to Drink With Gyros

Reds tend to pair better overall, but ultimately it really just depends on your preference. Whichever you choose, just make sure you are choosing the right style.

  • Agiorgitiko 
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Zinfandel
  • Riesling
  • Rosé

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