Pairing Wine With Salami

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Salami is a classic and necessary addition to anyone’s charcuterie board. Most people would even enjoy having some slices of salami by themselves, because of their incredibly delicious fatty flavor, with a variable spice as well. There are many different types and variations, and with that, comes many different pairings!

Wine Characteristics To Pair With Salami

Characteristic Detail  
Sweetness Dry  
Acidity Medium to High  
Tannins Medium to HIgh  
Body Medium to Full Bodied Reds & Whites  
Tasting Notes Citrus, green fruit, ripe berries  

Best Red Wine To Drink With Salami

Red Wine is easily the safest choice when it comes to salamis, as is the case with most red meats. The powerful and flavorful nature of the red grape is exactly the type of partner that a flavorful meat such as this needs to really become more than just a finger snack, whether it be on an entire Charcuterie spread, or by itself.  Sangiovese For a meat originating from Italy, why not keep it In-house and stick with a delicious Italian Red?! The incredibly bold, yet acidic, mouthfeel of Sangiovese is the perfect match for a Salami, to really bring it over the threshold of your regular lunch meat. A perfect partner to cut through the fatty parts of a salami, while also matching its flavor profile, being grown in the grounds of Italy itself. There is quite literally no better marriage! Beaujolais The flavor of different salamis, like a pepperoni or a soppressata for example, cannot be underestimated. They are delicious on their own, which would mean their delicious flavor can sometimes be the centerpiece. A fruity Beaujolais can give a salami that exact pairing of soft flavors with thirst-quenching acidity that needs to be nothing more than enhanced on the palate. Syrah/Shiraz An interesting and bold (no pun intended) choice that one could opt for a pairing would be a spicy Syrah/Shiraz. For many foodies, spice is the centerpiece that their palate will do anything and everything to stay around. The naturally peppery taste of a Syrah/Shiraz can be paired with the naturally spicy texture coming from the fermented salami to give you that perfect unison of rich & spicy.

Best White Wine To Drink With Salami

White wine with Salami is generally wanted to be regarded as more of a refresher and a cleanser, as the forward flavor of salamis can float on their own on the palate. What can be greatly enhanced, however, is the overly fatty nature of the salamis, compared to many other meats, and we recommend having a White Wine take its rightful place as a fatty cutter! Chablis-Style White Nothing cuts through fat better than acid on the tongue. It’s a simple principle used since the very early understandings of food & wine. With that in mind. Opt to find yourself a delectable Chablis, or a white wine in the style of Chablis. Its bold body with its refreshing acidity make for the perfect way to calm your palate down after diving deep into a salty & spicy meat, especially if you can’t seem to ever put the salami down at a Charcuterie party! Pinot Grigio Back to the classic point of wine being grown where the food is from, there is no better pairing than a simple yet elegant Pinot Grigio, preferably from an Italian vineyard. The simple flavors let the salami shine, and still cleanse your palate to be ready for more and more, as Pinot Grigio does with most foods it is paired with!

Best Wine To Drink With Salami

Salami is, to a lot of people, one of the focal points of a spread or Charcuterie board. While it usually can be found here, it is also delicious enough to be eaten alone as a simple snack. A great wine pairing for this versatile meat is a necessity. 

  • Sangiovese
  • Beaujolais
  • Syrah/Shiraz
  • Chablis
  • Pinot Grigio