Everwine Preservation System Review

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This unique wine preservation system uses a bladder that you put into the wine bottle, then seal the top of the bottle up. Once the system has been “installed” on the bottle, you can put pressure into the system by inflating the bladder. This helps remove any air from the bottle and also adds pressure to pour the wine out of the bottle and aerate the bottle at the same time.

It comes with a link on the box to their website where they have a video that helps you figure out how to install the system. We needed to watch the video as we installed the system. And we did end up spilling a little bit of wine while trying to get the system figured out. That was our fault by not following the directions closely though, not the fault of the preservation system. One thing we did not like, was the the first glass of wine and the last glass of wine in the bottle cannot be poured through the aerator.

Once we got the system installed we poured ourselves a few glasses of wine. The first thing we noticed was an intense aroma of the wine due to the aeration when you pour the wine out of the bottle. We did one glass with the system to test against a glass of the same wine that we poured into a glass before installing the system. It made the glass of wine that we poured out without the system seem like it had no fragrance at all. The wine that was poured through the aerator was almost foamy and allowed us to easily smell the aromas and notes in the wine.

We test storing a bottle of wine with this system installed on it. We tested after 8 days, and the wine was still great! Next time we’ll test again for a longer period of time. According to them, you can store an open bottle of wine for months.

Pros of the Everwine Preservation System

  • Intense aromas in the wine poured through the aerator.
  • Can store a bottle of wine for a long period of time.
  • Once installed it’s easy to use.

Cons of the Everwine Preservation System

  • Difficult to set up initially.
  • The first and last glass of the bottle don’t pour through the system.

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