WinePro2 Proactive Decanter & Preservation System Review

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The Wine Pro2 Proactive Decanter & Preservation System is a very unique wine accessory that is perfect for any red wine drinker. It has a very sleek and durable design that looks great on a kitchen countertop or at the home bar. It’s definitely something that looks great for people to see rather than stored away when you aren’t using it.

We were actually lucky enough to meet Tom, who invented this amazing device, via an online conference call. He is an engineer by trade, and talked to us about how he got the idea to make it and the science behind his invention. He then showed us how to use the system properly.

This is honestly our favorite wine accessory that we own. We are typically poor planners, so this is fantastic when we don’t plan ahead to decant our wine!

The Science Behind The WinePro2 Proactive Decanter

Decanting wine is a process which increases the dissolved oxygen content in a wine. Because air only contains 21% oxygen, other aerators are limited to how much oxygen is really introduced into the wine. This system is able to add 100% oxygen into the wine instantly. When a bottle of wine is opened, it typically has about 20% dissolved oxygen in the wine. A typical aerator will usually only add a small amount of oxygen into the wine, and doesn’t make a large difference compared to just pouring out of the bottle. This device sends 100% oxygen into the wine, and in 1/2 second the wine will be at 80-100% dissolved oxygen. According to Tom, the sweet spot is usually at 80%, which would be a 2-3 hour decant time typically.

Pros of the WinePro2 Proactive Decanter

  • Instantly decant a glass of wine
  • Better than any other aerator on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Quality sleek design
  • Also preserves wine with Argon gas

Cons of the WinePro2 Proactive Decanter

  • Canisters can be expensive to replace

Note: Next we need to test this with some whiskey to see if we can notice the difference decanting the whiskey. According to their website, it can have a similar effect on your favorite sipping whiskey, tequila or rum!


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