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Pairing Wine With Lobster

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Lobster is considered to be a staple in many cuisines and it is consumed all over the world. There are many types of Lobsters and all of them have slight differences in taste and texture.

Whether you are having a Brittany Blue Lobster, Maine Lobster, Caribbean Lobster or South African Lobster, there can be a general rule into which wine you should have with your meal. The wine pairing will also depend on the cooking method and if there are sauces accompanying your dish, but we would in general recommend staying with white wine.

An acidic white wine, with lots of freshness and a good, complex palate will complement the lobster meat a lot. You can go for light bodied or even full bodied wines, depending on the dish. 

Wine Characteristics To Pair With Lobster

BodyLight to Full Bodied White WinesLight Red Wines
Tasting NotesWhite Wine Notes – Citrus, green fruit, butter 
Red Wine Notes – Red fruit, herbs

Sweetness – Dry wines are best with lobster. Lobster meat does have a touch of natural sweetness but when it comes to wines, you should opt out for dry wines. 

Acidity – High acidity comes out perfectly in wines paired with lobster. The meat can be dense sometimes. Acidity here plays a role in cutting through the meat.

Tannins – When it comes to red wines, we would suggest having a light bodied wine and to avoid tannins as much as possible. 

Body – White wines pair well with lobster and there is a wide range of pairings for the meat. You can have light bodied, medium bodied or even full bodied white wines.
When it comes to reds, stick to light bodied ones. 

Tasting Notes – Citrus, green fruit, butter, herbs all complement white wines that are paired with lobster and they complement the meat as well. Red wines should be rich in red fruit and herbal aromas, but with lighter oak influence. 

Best Red Wine To Drink With Lobster

Lobster meat is a type of seafood that generally prefers white wines when it comes to pairings, however there can be some interesting red wine options. Generally try to avoid full bodied red wines with lots of tannins. 

Red wines will pair well with lobster if it is cooked with red wine or made with a tomato sauce.
Go for light to medium bodied reds, with lighter tannins and a good acidity. Red fruit and herbal aromas and flavors, and just a hint of oak. 

Pinot Noir from France

Lighter style of Pinot Noirs coming from Burgundy will complement the lobster well. Low tannin level in the regional blends won’t overpower the lobster but will complement the dish when it’s cooked in red wine. The higher acidity level does well to cleanse your palate and cut through the meat.

Sangiovese from Italy

A classic Italian grape variety, produced in Chianti in Tuscany. It makes an integral part of the blends and it has a good structure, good acidity and a medium level of tannins. These blends will pair well with Lobster when served with a tomato sauce. 

Best White Wine To Drink With Lobster 

White wines are a natural pairing with lobster and most types of seafood. Lobster meat is rich and flavorful, asking for rich and intense wines. In general the wine should have a high acidity level and a good structure. 

Light, medium or full bodied, a good acidity complemented with fresh, ripe fruit aromas will enhance the dish. If the lobster is butter poached we would recommend having it alongside a wine with oak influence. We will start with the lightest options moving upwards in body and structure. 

Riesling from Germany 

Rieslings from northern regions of Germany tend to be lighter and higher in acidity, balanced with just a hint of sugar. These wines pair well with lobster as the acidity cuts through the meat and balances the sweetness of the meat. 

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie from France

This wine is a specialty from the region of Nantais in the Loire Valley and it pairs perfectly with seafood. It has a natural green and citrus fruit nose, complemented with oyster shell and saline aromas which make a killer pairing with seafood in general, but lobster as well. The specialty of the appellation is aging on the lees which adds a bit of texture and flavor to the wine. 

Godello from Spain

Region of Valdeorras in Galicia produces a white wine with lots of freshness and acidity, which complements the lobster well. With a touch of oak it gives a medium bodied wine which will pair perfectly with Lobster when it is butter poached or served with a Bearnaise sauce. 

Chardonnay from France

Coming from Burgundy in France, it makes a perfect pairing with Lobster. This is a slightly fuller bodied white wine in comparison to our other recommendations. It has all that you need for lobster, as the wine is fermented in barrel, aged on the lees, with a great acidity and depth of flavor. 

Other Wines to Have With Lobster  

Traditional Sparkling Wine From France

We are talking about Champagne here, and it is just the right thing with lobster. High acidity, sparkling wine with depth of flavor, it just makes a dreamy pairing. Especially when you’re having a vintage champagne or a blanc de blancs. 

Assyrtiko from Greece

A bit of an out of the box pairing, this wine grows well on the island of Santorini. It is produced in lighter style or in one that is a bit fuller in body and aged in oak. Both of them pair extremely well with Lobster meat.

Best Wine To Drink With Lobster

The list below consists of wines that match the flavors and the texture of lobster best. High in acidity, with lots of freshness and flavor, these wines will make your dining experience out of this world. 

  • Chardonnay from France 
  • Godello from Spain
  • Riesling from Germany
  • Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie from France
  • Champagne or Cremant from France
  • Sangiovese from Italy

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